I use the Hurry Cane to replace the cane the VA gave me. It is very stable and reassuring just holding it in my hand. I am a disabled veteran and while I am able to walk, I do need the assistance of a cane for stability as I walk. The VA gave me a cane and it works but I must be careful with it that it doesn’t fall over or accidently trip someone when I have to sit and wait for an appointment or wait for my prescriptions or many times when sitting with my buddies having coffee

There is no question about the Hurry Cane standing where I put it or sometimes I simply fold it up until I’m ready to leave and it unfolds quickly and with a positive feeling of being stable and ready to do the job it was designed for. The Hurry Cane is designed to be adjustable in height for safety, comfort and stability. Make no mistake that while the cane is adjustable it is also quite stable once it snaps in place. I have purposely been quite rough on my cane to see just how secure it is and it takes punishment without failure. Certinly I would never suggest that anyone damage their cane but I know that I can depend on my Hurry Cane to be there for me.

I have a black cane and I recently purchased a red on for one of my vet buddies and he is just as impressed as I was. We both think the red cane is much easier to see than the black one and stands out in a large group of people that sometimes happens at the VA. My only regret is now I like the color of his and I think I will ask Santa to give me a red one for Christmas. Perhaps…..he will say yes.

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