I have had my Hurrycane for three years. It is a great product.

But I have had to buy replacement feet twice. At $9.95 plus shipping each time. Now I have another lost rubber foot. I am informed that they no longer make feet for this model.

My only choice is to purchase a new "Freedom Edition" whose feet of course are not applicable to the old ones. I don't currently have the $40.00 plus shipping for the new can. So I am forced to use my single point can which is much less stable.

Who knew, designed obsolescence in a health product. Very disjointed.

Reason of review: Lack of replacement parts availabilty.

The Hurrycane Pros: Stability.

The Hurrycane Cons: Lack of available replacement feet.

Location: Hanover Park, Illinois

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I ended up buying two imported cans which do the same for the same price as one new hurricane.


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