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Hello, this is Chuck Hengel, the founder of the HurryCane. We appreciate your comments and listen closely to the millions of people responding to our messages, and to the 250,000+ customers who use the HurryCane today. By continually making investments to renew and revitalize the HurryCane’s function, we intend to provide the peace of mind our customers deserve. The HurryCane is reported by doctors as a true breakthrough innovation. This cannot happen with your feedback. Fewer than 1/2% of our customers report issues with feet, but even one problem is too many. Because we made the feet replaceable, the screw that holds each foot in a small percentage of canes can become loose. This can often be fixed at home with a screw driver. If that answer is not satisfactory, we offer a return of exchange policy, and our agents that can be reached at or by calling us at 800-933-1136.

Yours in mobility,
Chuck, founder the Hurrycane
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Update by user Jan 31, 2013

The Hurry Cane is the best cane on the market for people that need more than just one contact point on the bottom. The 3 point contact is much more stable than the other canes with 3 or 4 contact points.

My prior submittal on the Cane was to encourage Hurry Cane to use Locktite or Lockwashers on the screws that attach the feet to the cane. I also wanted to warn customers to tighten all of the screws when the cane arrives. Also they should add Locktite or a Lock washer But as a minimum they should coat the screws with a white glue like Elmber's; and make sure they are tight I did tighten the screws on my mothers cane the last time I visited but I didnot use Locktite, glue or Lockwasher. The next time I visit I will correct that.

Hopefully Hurry Cane will take steps to make the screws stay tight on future deliveries. This cane does rate a 4 to 5 for people that need a little more support than a single legged cane provides.

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2013

Hurry Cane foot came off (the cane has three feet). Trying to get Hurry Cane to send a replacement (poor assembly is the issue).

The cane works well but the feet are attached in a way that they can fall off and the person using the cane will not notice it. Hurry Cane should inspect the cane before it is shipped since people that use it have a disability and could fall if one of the feet come off.

The instructions should tell the buyer to remove the feet and reattach with locktight to prevent them from becoming loose. Geneva is 97 years old and is small so she could not abuse the cane.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Location: Garland, Texas

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Yes, locktight screws are an excellent suggestion for the feet, and new models of the cane will now be constructed with them. Thank you for taking the time to offer this idea. Yours in mobility, Chuck Hengel, founder.

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