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Dear Customer,

This post is before we were aware of this website and I'm sorry if our ordering system made an error in your choice of shipping method. I hope you reached out to our Customer Success Team at 800-933-1136 because I'm confident they would have reimbursed you for our error. We hope you are enjoying your HurryCane along with the 500,000+ customers we've serviced.

We also encourage consumers to check out the reviews on the HurryCane at, BedBath&, and our own website

If you have any further questions or issues, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Success team.

Thank you,
HurryCane Customer Success

I'm elderly and can't afford to get ripped off. I just ordered on line the HurryCane with travel bag, wrist strap and "FREE" shipping.

I declined their offer of speedy $9.95 delivery, and, at checkout discovered shipping of $9.95 had been added with the statement delivery would be made in 8-14 days!

I had intended to go back and order a cane for a relative, but feel their ad is misleading or fraudulent and they've lost me as a return customer.I'm hoping the cane will live up to its hype and keep me safe.

I thank you for this site where i can warn other Seniors.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Location: Tustin, California

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i have no idea why people are having problems with this product save for a bad run of canes at the factory or something ... my wife has been using her original hurrycane for over five years now without one bit of problem ...

as for it 'folding' and that being a 'threat' to the safety of the user, if you don't think a cane should fold, you probably shouldn't order this cane since it can be folded up for easy storage etc ...

but when it is put out for full use there are VERY sturdy metal connections (screw-on connectors) on the VERY sturdy metal cane shaft that if you simply hand-tighten will not unscrew themselves ... and of course with anything like this you should have a look at the connectors regularly to make sure they are staying in place with your hand-tightening ...

so again not sure about why there are so many comments about how horrid and dangerous and poorly designed this product is ... this has not been my or my wife's experience with this cane, and in fact is the exact opposite ...

the self-standing bottom of the cane can take a bit of practice to get to stand but with a good firm push down on the handle as the shaft/cane is positioned perpendicular to the floor then it seems to take well after that ... just not that difficult frankly ...


My son bought me the "original" Hurrycane. Although it is overpriced, and I had to buy the silicone handle cover separately, it works well on gravel and in the snow.

Since, I need a cane for balance and walking assistance, I wish this cane did "not" fold up. If a person really needs a cane, you never need or want to "fold it away!" My first generation Hurrycane was made in China, whereas the second generation Hurrycane is made in the U.S.A. I do not know how it could be stronger, when it is so much lighter, and looks and feels more cheaply made. It is my understanding, that one of the original Hurrycane's complaints was, that the cane made a sound, when it hit the floor.

I find this very petty to have changed the whole design because of this. If a person really needs a cane, one is "not" worried about a slight sound. How about making another Hurrycane, that does not fold up, making it stronger, as a one piece unit, and more reasonably priced? I have friends, that have bought and received your new Hurrycane, made in the U.S.A.

and they have commented to me, that they like mine so much better because it looks and feels stronger.


Sue them ok mam or sir how much was it


I found HurryCane Replacement parts for sale @ the sites below. :eek

1. Tri-Foot or Handle $9.95ea here:

2. Tri-Foot $16.99 here:


i have a hurry cane the bottom kept coming of f i can not find ab a replacement i called customer service you know what they did not help me i kept tighten the sews but i lost need a replacement who can help me thanks


hurry cane came a part what do now ok . .send me a answer popbear1946 @ the bottom came out of the cane send email soon ted


I am trying to cancel this .......... :sigh


:cry I bought this, fell down and had to have a hip replacement. G*d da*n cane sucks . Piece of ***, do not order


Dear Sir or Madame, Our office is investigating injury claims such as yours, involving Hurrycane products. Would you be interested in contacting me to discuss your experience with Hurrycane? Please email me at


I ordered the Hurrycane about 2 years ago and haven't had the first problem up until now. It squeaks because the O ring is worn.

My husband says he can get a new O ring and fix it since the company doesn't sell a replacement of the O ring. I have ordered my second one today without problem; I ordered it on the phone, not on my computer and it was very easy to order. If you listen to the operator and answer the questions 'yes' or 'no' and speak slowly and clearly there should be no problem.

For the person with the weight problem they tell you up to 250 pounds if you read the entire order message.

IVAN it does not say it has a knee~~it says it works like a knee; the flexibilty, the way it bends and swivels is what they are talking about. Your knee isn't at the ankle.


I used Hurry Cane for over 18 months while recouping from concussive fall that messed up eyesight, hearing, memory, and balance. The can, while not perfect, was a lifesaver!

1. + = provided stability as I moved from stage 2 stage in recovery

2. + = stayed in working order with few minor exceptions


1. squeeking -remedied with silicone spray

2. O ring wore was not replacable but didn't alter effective use.

3. Cane would not stay upright after O ring broke. I rarely depended on that function; husband thought it was novelty!

All in all, it was my survival stick for me having used it multiple times daily.


I ordered the hurrycane for my Mother who lives in PR 2 months ago. she still hasn't received it.

I want my Money Back, Theres noone to talk too, no Customer Service what so ever.

Just a computer. :sigh


I was thinking about ordering one of these for my mother but I think I will skip it. The company should not have one complaint, (not one!) when dealing with senior citizens.

Thanks for the heads up.

My mom will have to do with the cane she has or I will try to find one at the store for her. :)


Old grouch


Please just go to your local medical supply store and try all the different ones

they have!! Each person has a different need so its not ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!

You don't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first so why would you

purchase a cane without making sure its what you need?? These companies

are taking advantage of the elderly!!!


Hurrycane given as a gift. Not used daily.

Went on a cruise and lost all three feet on the ship. Hurrycane says there was a defect in the screws holding the feet in place. New feet have different screws. Got Hurrycane to send a set of feet free because still under warranty.

Using cane without feet on a smooth service is dangerous!!!

Opens up probability of a product liability lawsuit. They should have replaced the screws or feet under a recall program.


I'm involved with the company that designed the flexSTICK, a new concept walking cane that utilizes three spring-loaded legs to significantly improve stability, absorb shock and provide comfort. This cane, developed by a physical therapist, provides a smart, healthy solution to the problems found with rigid single-point and quad walking canes. For more information, visit


Oh don't be cruel. Being overweight is punishment enough.


Thank you for an alternative source for a much needed product. I am 42 & have a connective tissue disorder that caused me to fall and break 5 bones in my right leg.

I am 3 1/2 months post surgical and given the ok to start weight bearing. I am looking ahead to when I will be able to use cane vs. the walker currently needed.

The most important thing we can all do regardless of age, is be smart shoppers and research or ask a loved one to do so before we purchase something we rely on to keep us from further falls or possibly surgery. ,)


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