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Hello Mr Hengel,

I contest that only 1/2% of Hurrycane customers have issues with the feet coming off. I have had 3 instances of this problem. For the first 2, I found the missing foot. The third instance just happened, I do not have the foot and I discovered you no longer sell replacement feet for my model. I would not have reported any of these instances, just thrown the cane away. I am sure you do not have any statistics for how many people just "screwed the foot back on".

The usual way you discover a foot came off is the cane slips or is unstable. Both very dangerous situations for people dependent on your cane.

You only have statistics on people that report the problem. I suspect many of your customers are like me and just put the foot back on. Never reporting the issue. Have you checked with your resellers to find out how many replacement feet packages have been sold? Judging from the number of places you can purchase replacements, I suspect it isn't a small number.

Please don't *** your customers. Your comments minimize the issue and don't give me confidence in your product.

Kerry Kemling

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

The Hurrycane Cons: Dependability, Replacement parts, Its unstable, Dependability replacement parts.

  • No Spare Parts Available
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