My husband bought the Hurrycane, and when it first arrived, it stood by itself as advertised. But after he used it fairly heavily during a 3-day weekend, the bottom had loosened up.

I found a (non-Hurrycane sponsored) video on YouTube on how to tighten up the bottom, and was able to do that.

But it will not stand on its own, despite "re-setting the flex" as described in the literature that came with it and in a video on Hurrycane's website. So the "standing by itself" feature works when you first use it, but once it is used and things loosen up, you can "re-set the flex" as many times as you like, and the thing will still fall over as soon as you put its base on the ground and let go of the handle.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Edison, New Jersey

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Totally agree. I spend more time picking this inferior product from the ground. Totally a lie that it stands.


I have the very same problem with my Hurrycane. Very disgusted!

It's obviously a "RIP-OFF". I would caution everyone to think twice before throwing money out the window for this gadget that doesn't work!


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