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My feet became loose, fell off and when tightened, no longer "stand". 2 . The handle came off. Finally used krazy glue then the handle split, glue to the rescue. 3. I am now on a trip. When i tried to fold my cane on the plane, the elastic broke. Very disappointed with so many problems.

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I have bought a hurrycane can i get replacement foot for it

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My button popped out. Its only a steel wire sticking out. The top handle will not go down How can I get an replacement

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The Hurrycane - Height adjustment pin sheared
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I was given a Hurrycane as a gift over a year ago and really liked. that it stands up, if I drop it I can step on one of the three feet to bring the handle up and that I can remove the top part and fit it in a shopping cart. since, I have a right hip replacement and a right knee with arthritis, I have to put a lot of weight on it to get up on a curb. Recently as I was doing this, the pin that adjusts the height sheared and I was lucky to be able... Read more

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Chuck I am a maintenance manager and I totally understand straight thread screws coming loose. Too bad you changed the foot design with out just adding a drop of locative to threads. Would have done wonders. My wife has the original with the small base feet and another of the newer freedom models with large black screws. Yep she lost one of the feet after she first got it and yep you got no replacements. Should have put locative on before she... Read more

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I have a Hurrycane and like it very much except that it is a little too tall. I'm just over 5 feet tall, and have someone who has equipment that could shorten it if I knew where on the collapsible cane we should *** an inch or inch and a half. He has actually shortened every cane I have had. Could you possibly suggest which section would allow that and still work as it should? I would get much more use out of my Hurrycane if we could get this... Read more

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I got calluses on my palm from using it. Until then, I liked the cane, although it did not stand alone as advertised. Neither did it flex at the base like advertised. However it was lightweight and folded for convenience in the car or sitting while eating out. I suggest having the option to add or buy a deluxe version with padded gel-like handle. I ended up buying a "non" hurrycane for half the price with the gel handle and padding my hurrycane... Read more

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I lost a foot on my cane, ordered replacement set, they do not fit. different screw size, the collar at the neck does not fit into the casting. mine is from lot# 1116 as it says on the base, any suggestions? Is my HURRYCANE an older style or, God forbid, a knockoff, a cheap copy? It was a Fathers Day gift some years ago. I can tell about where I lost the part, it was in San Francisco at a street fair for leather and bondage fetish types. Was... Read more

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I have purchased 2 of your canes ,a black one and when you offered a new and improved one I purchased a red one. I am not happy with the red one, it is loose and wiggly. I tried to tighten it up with the nut, but it will not tighten up. Do you have any suggestion to correct this problem? Any one else have this problem? I do like the Hurry-cane but am disappointed with the RED one. I would like to hear from you. Thank you in advance for your... Read more

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Where do you get the new feet? What is the cost? Why isn't this explained before I purchase the cane? I was not happy to see that I would have to purchase new feet every 6 months. Went on official site and it does not say you have to replace feet this often. Why do you need 80 words for a review? Not happy, not happy, not happy, not happy. Not happy, not happy, not happy, not happy. Are you getting message? Not happy, not happy. Read more

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