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    • Lack of available replacement feet 2
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Feet become loose and fall off. Ordered replacement feet only to discover no screws were included. Went through hundreds of screws I already had and none fit unless forced into pre-drilled hole. Otherwise, cane is sturdy and quite well made. Suggest screws be included in replacement kit. Read more

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I was waiting on line in a restaurant and when I moved up in the line I leaned on my Hurrycane only to almost fall over because the cane was no longer attached to the handle. When I recovered from the shock of almost falling the other customers help me find the cane sans handle and wristlet. Had to super glue handle to cane and permanently lost the wristlet. Had the cane for less than 16... Read more

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The agonizing clicking on the cane is disrupting our sleep. When my father-in-law uses the bathroom in the middle of the night, the cane actually wakes us up. How can we get the clicking to stop? Add comment

I just purchased the HurryCane for my Dear Elderly Aunt. Immediately, I received an E-Mail from HurryCane that they are willing to cut me a deal on replacing defective feet and handle on the Cane. That's FOUL. "Bait & Switch"! FOUL!!! I just purchased the HurryCane. ~ Mr William Eldridge Jr. Manhattan, IL. I will fight thru the Credit Card Company and report this fraud to BBB. Add comment

Replacement Pads You do not need to buy a complte cane or a replacement foot if you lose a pad. Replacement pads can be made from Home Depot parts. Heavy duty pads (sku 123 904) and 10mm machine screws (M4-00.7). They are ant-skid and screw right in. Too bad Hurrycane does not tell you this. The replacement pads work as well or better than the original. I ca.t believe I need to keep on typing... Read more

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We bought a HurryCane about 2 years ago. Recently we lost one of the three rubber pads in the foot. Because we were unable to find the lost pad we contacted HurryCane and LO & BEHOLD no spare pads were available for our 2 year old cane! We were willing to pay for the lost pad but they wanted to supply a whole new cane at discount price. What a cheap two-bit outfit. Maybe, just maybe, if... Read more

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I just recently started using my Hurrycane and am not at all happy with it. I follow all the instructions for making it stand alone on a hard surface but it doesn't do it. Also, I am not at all sure that the foot section should spin if you turn it. A friend of mine also got one and she has no trouble making it stand. What am I doing wrong?? Since I don't have 100 words, I'll repeat what I already... Read more

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I purchased two "Hurrycanes" this year. A purple one and a red one directly from the company. Both of the bottoms twisted off while I was walking. My son was not able to twist them back in so they would stay in!!! I'm 73 years old and really love the canes, but I need to know they are stable and I don't want to worry about an accident. Please send me a knew one, at your expense, or tell me... Read more

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my handle wont stay up.little silver ball stuck in my cane low.cant put up. Read more

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I used the Hurricane one day. My brother has one that has adjustable sections . Mine just had elastic in between sections except the top one. When I pushed up from my Walker to get into the bed the cane collapsed mid push which made me fall into the Walker and hit my head and shoulders. I didn't have those locks in each section which could made it more secure. Read more

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